is a volunteer group that lovingly sews fleece blankets for those who need warmth while going through health or other difficult issues.  
We want to share the blankets with children or adults who would benefit from the comfort they provide.  Individuals and groups are welcome.
To request a warm blanket or any questions
please contact us at
or 714/864-6865  
or fill in the feedback section to request one.
These blankets are given to those who need them at no cost to you.
(They’re free)




Our blankets have a print on one side and the other side is a complementing solid color.  We have different prints for women, men, girls and boys. 

The pattern/print of the fabric changes so what you see are samples.  BUT they are all beautiful.




Our heartfelt thanks goes to Dr. Steve Shaffer for sponsoring our blankets and giving us a place to sew them.  We would not exist without his help.